About Us

Hi there. I'm Janine, the owner of Embo Handmade. I started this business by accident, and it began, weirdly, with a professional challenge.

I was frustrated that crochet always looked old-fashioned, and the magazine I worked on, which featured crochet patterns from time to time, was trying to appeal to a younger audience. I knew we wouldn't do it with granny squares and doilies. So I taught myself the craft, and persevered until I could create pieces that looked like they belonged in the modern home. When we sold some baskets at a pop-up market, we realised there was a market for trendy, beautifully finished baskets and accessories. I taught a few women the tricks to using our chosen medium effectively, and now we're joined on a single mission: to keep the art of crochet alive in visually appealing, sophisticated and above all, trendy pieces.